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Auction your Diamonds with Sais Fine Jewelry

This cutting-edge online auction platform connects with qualified buyers all over the world! Combining ground-breaking technology and extensive expertise provides you with the best way to sell your pre-owned diamonds in the marketplace.

  • Comprehensive diamond information including grading and 360 views

  • Completely transparent process allows buyers to bid from anywhere in the world!

  • Quick, efficient, and effective process with unique tracking tools!

  • Innovative auction features and notifications to help maximize value!

  • Over $10,000,000 already sold at auction & over 1,000 qualified buyer already participating

How Do I get Started ? What Steps do I need to Take?

  • Bring your Diamonds to Sais Fine Jewelry

  • Fill out Seller Information Online, Agree to Terms

  • Add your item up for auction; Sign Agreement

  • Sais Fine Jewelry will ship your item to the Auction House; You will receive an email directing your where to go to enter your username/email and password (see the Diamond Tracker below)

  • Keep track of how the auction is going; Accept or Reject any Offer

  • Come back to Sais Fine Jewelry to receive Payment

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